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Who we are & what we do

Hello! We are Red King The #1 Rated Boutique Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff, UK

We are a full-service digital marketing agency offering an individual and bespoke digital marketing service. At the forefront of online marketing, we thrive on helping businesses exceed their online marketing goals, whether it be through enhancing brand awareness, lead generation or increasing consumer engagement. With Red King Digital you get our full attention and focus. We only ever deal with a select number of clients to ensure that our small team of talented digital marketing experts can create and deliver a digital marketing service bespoke to your business. If you don't succeed, then neither do we so if you like what you read, pick up the phone or drop us an email. We would love to be part of your online journey.


Results Driven

We are not a team of salesman. We let our results do the talking. Red King has a market leading track record of generating their clients more revenue. We create websites that are highly engaging and drive online marketing strategy that deliver you countless new customers.



We have created a team of specialists. Each one specialising in their field of expertise. You can be rest assured that you will be dealing with someone highly experienced and the best in what they do.



Everything we do is high-quality and bespoke for our clients. Whether it’s building a new website, creating graphics or developing a digital marketing strategy, we ensure the solutions we provide are unique to each individual client’s business and needs. We don’t settle for second best, and neither should you.



One of the many reasons we have a 100% customer retention rates is because we offer dedicated support whenever you need it. Regardless of the project, query or need, a dedicated account handler is available 24/7 to offer a helping hand just when you need it.



How we can be useful for you

Red King Digital offers a complete range of services for every aspect of your online business requirements. No matter what your budget or the type of business you have we will have a solution to suit.


You may be getting the traffic to your website, but what about making sure that traffic converts into customers or sales? With tried and tested methods, we know what helps sky rocket conversions.

pay per click

Lets face it Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, can be a minefield, of wasted click spend. Let us manage and optimise your paid campaigns and get those high quality leads for you.

search engine optimisation

SEO in laymans terms in getting your website up the ‘pecking order’ of the search engines. Unless your in the top half of the page 1 results, your online presence is heavily reduced. Google is the golden goose. But don’t underestimate Bing. You need both.

social media marketing

We now live in a social media orientated world. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter rule the roost. Help us leverage the use of social media to sky rocket your business online.

Our Clients

Among our clients


With Digital Marketing, you can be in full control of your marketing budget. Unlike other marketing channels, digital marketing offers a much lower Cost per Lead (CPL), allowing your business to save on their overall marketing and advertising costs.

Effective targeted digital marketing with Red King is proven to increase the percentage rate of incoming traffic to your site. We can streamline your digital marketing campaigns to optimise conversion opportunities and our higher conversion rates can bring your business endless benefits such as increased leads, subscribers as well as higher revenue.
Do you have products or services which you’d like to offer beyond your own locality? Digital marketing can help your business expand into new areas without the hurdles and costs of traditional marketing. An effective digital marketing campaign from Red King can help you reach your target audience no matter their location.

Digital marketing also allows you to see and measure the success of differing marketing campaigns, identify user behaviour as well as consumer buying patterns. This invaluable data can help you effectively manage your marketing budget as well as inform your overall business focus. Measurable analytics help you to ensure your digital marketing strategy is giving you the best return on investment possible.

Whether you’re a sportswear company targeting 20-25 year old fitness enthusiasts or a photographer who specialises in weddings and events, digital marketing allows you to target the audience you want. Red King’s digital marketing campaigns can support you in attracting a steady flow of quality targeted traffic to your site, meaning more leads, more sales, and a much more engaged consumer base.

In the world of online and social media, digital marketing allows your company or brand to build on its reputation. Service and loyal customers help strengthen your brand and develop stronger relationships. Customers who are satisfied with your engagement will also share their experience with others.

into that insight, leading to higher customer satisfaction, improved customer retention as well as increase in cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

With more and more people now using their mobile phones to access the internet it has never been a better time to engage with mobile digital marketing. 94% of adults in the UK now own a mobile phone and over half use mobile to browse the internet several times a day. Red King can help you engage with mobile users to ensure your business can cater to this ever-growing consumer base. Check out our mobile and app services to find out more.

Effective digital marketing can enable small businesses to level the online playing field by providing access to a targeted audience at relatively low cost. Red King has already supported many small and medium sized businesses to beat the competition by reaching new markets and increasing brand awareness all within a modest budget.

Feedback and testimonials from consumers are key in shaping online user behaviour and in persuading others to make that final purchase decision. Digital marketing can be a great way to showcase your business’ reputation and gain your clients’ trust.