Link building services


Whether you are completely new to the world of digital marketing or already managing other aspects of your SEO but lack the expertise and knowledge of effective link-building, Red King Digital offers a full and high-quality link building service to improve your search traffic and rankings. 

We understand that link building can be a both time consuming and challenging. At Red King Digital, we are not only passionate about acquiring high quality links for your site, we also have the resources, contacts and experience to achieve this. We work with small independents all the way up to global brands, securing long-lasting links that will drive high-quality and sustainable results. Our campaigns are supported by research and proven strategy and are powered by KPIs tailored to meet you specific SEO needs. 

As link building is one of the most important methods to drive organic search traffic to your website, we make sure that the backlinks we acquire fit the industry and market niche to which you belong so that every link helps you to stay in the top search ranks for longer. Our team of link building specialists include online and creative content marketers to maximise your sites visibility in front of the right audiences.

What is Link Building and why is it important for your business’ Digital Marketing Strategy?

Just as links (or hyperlinks) offer ways for internet users to navigate between webpages, Link building refers to the process of connecting and acquiring links from other websites on the internet to your own.
When crawling through the content of webpages, search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing do not only examine the content and key words of your web pages, they also examine and determine the number of links directing to that page from external websites as well as the quality of content of those external websites.
Despite misconception, backlinks are one of the most important factors which determine how well a page should rank in their results and are therefore should form a major part of any SEO strategy or campaign. In short, quality links may be the deciding factor in how your website is considered and displayed in search engines.


Which is More Important, Link Authority or Link Relevance?

Though a websites SEO value can be influenced by many factors such as the level of domain authority, the relevance of backlinks is key to determining your webpage rankings. Unlike many so-called SEO experts or automated link building software which generate hundreds upon thousands of non-relevant and poor-quality links, Red King Digital specialises in manual link building to ensure only the most relevant and high-quality links and referrals to your site. Just as relevance is key to your webpage content, relevance is also key to your links.

Our Assurance

Unlike SEO experts who claim to provide traffic through high-volume links from unverified or foreign sites, our team of experts follow only verified and trusted link building methods and strategies to ensure the most relevant and quality results, whilst never placing your website in danger.

How Long Will it Take to See the Results?

The length of time needed to start seeing the results of effective link-building can depend on several factors. The relevance and quality of the new links acquired will impact on the time it takes for search engines such as Google to index them. Most clients start seeing real results in general from as early as one month, though factors such as industry competition and the time taken for search engines to conduct its own evaluation and new ranking will also influence this.

Here at Red King Digital we don’t look for short-term wins, but a long-term strategy which involves making your site content the best it can possibly be. Through a focussed approach on high-quality and relevance, we can improve your business’ rankings so you can rise above the competition.

Link Audits and SEO Consultation

To maximise the effectiveness of any link building campaign, Red King Digital can provide an initial review of your existing website’s link profile. Irrelevant or outdated historical links could be the cause of your site’s current poor search performance. 

For a free consultation and review of your website, contact us today! We are happy to provide a comprehensive SEO strategy for your whole business or for those who have other aspects of SEO covered, we also offer our link building services as a standalone package. We are confident we can provide you with a SEO strategy and link building package that will not only meet your budget needs but also continue to deliver high-quality and sustainable results.