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Landed on this page? Then likely you’ve typed in “SEO CARDIFF” or something similar. You may have heard “SEO” is something your website needs in order to appear high up on the search engines such as Google. Well thats somewhat true. SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION. In layman’s terms. the optimising of your website to boost it up the pecking order of the search results. We prefer not to use this term “SEO much”, simply because optimising your website isn’t enough. You need a multi-channel approach. What may work well in one niche, won’t be as effective in another. Plus what good are leads, if they are not the type of customer you can convert into sales. Yes getting you high up on the search engines is part of that, but we want to look at other aspects of lead generation such as social media, PR, sponsored listings, and even at times direct marketing the traditional way is still effective if done the right way. Why not book in a FREE 15 minute consultation and let us see how we can help you achieve your marketing goals.


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We don't promise x amount of rankings in x amount of time. Rankings have influence certainly, but the most important thing is getting your business from a number of traffic generating mediums. More traffic doesn't equal more conversions. Quality matters.


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All of us here have started of with SEO and digital marketing as a hobby from a young age. Wev'e harnessed that passion and expertise and it still remains a hobby of ours, but now its also our full time profession. We know what works, what does't work, we can save you thousands of £'s and time on strategies that simply don't work in this digital age.

more sales, more leads, better roi !


Well of course that is a subjective question to a degree. We are going to be confident and say the answer to that questions is RED KING DIGITAL MARKETING. The SEO company you work with has to be able to understand a few basic principles in order to be successful. Who your competition is, your unique selling point (USP) of your service or product, what is your target market (target demographic). Once those three key things are established from there any SEO company worth their salt will then be able to draw out, plan and execute a digital marketing strategy. Why not take a look at one of our case studies which demonstrates how we successfully achieve this. 


Ultimately the best SEO company is one that provides you with the best ROI (return on investment). Many SEO companies talk a ‘good game’ but several months down the line you can be left scratching your heading, wondering what exactly your paying for. We provide monthly reports which show your clearly the progress being made, where your traffic is coming from, what is happening to that traffic ones is arrives to your website, and what traffic turns into conversions (sales or enquiries).

Red King Digital have a proven track record of helping local and nationwide businesses thrive online. We only ever take on a handle clients at any given time, this is to ensure you get our full focus and attention. We adopt a quality not quantity approach, and we have seen first hand how this approach is most effective for both you and us.

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